White Phenyl Concentrate

White Phenyl with Citronella Oil, Fragrance and Color Process

White Phenyl Concentrate is used for making White Phenyle by diluting 15 Litres of water with One Litre of Concentrate to make 16 litres of finished product. The product is made of pine oil and additionally a disinfectant agent that destroys infective organism. a strong natural disinfectant which makes for a extremely smart disinfectant and sanitizer with long lasting lingering aroma. Liquid kind is used in house to destroy germs and micro organism and take away foul smell. the merchandise eliminates dirt and unfold fragrances and provides freshness that additionally is a strong sanitizer.

Manufacturing process: (COLD PROCESS)

Before you start please note:

  1. RWC booster is skin corrosive; use caution whereas handling.
  2. All vessels you're exploitation should be clean, for RWC booster use a selected vessel.
  3. Use cleansed vessel for producing.
Ingredients Quantity
(% of total volume of the concentrate)
Pine oil 67%
Emulsifier OP-95 30%
RWC booster 2%
Citronella Oil 1%
Water 15 times of concentrate
AdGel 4% of total volume of water
Colour As needed
Step 1: to form White Phenyl concentrate

(Note: once every addition, stir it well on build the answer clear)

  • Pour Pine Oil in an exceedingly clean and dry vessel.
  • Add Perfume/ Fragrance into Pine Oil.
  • Stir it properly to form until the answer is evident.
  • Add surface-active agent OP-95 into Pine Oil & stir well for clear answer.
  • Add RWC booster and stir it until it's clear answer seems dark clear yellow- brown.
  • This is your concentrate for white phenyl.
Step 2: to form White Phenyl
  • Add AdGel to water and stir it until it gets homogenously thickened (no lump ought to remain).
  • Then add the color as per your demand.
  • Pack in bottles.
Information given higher than relies on our general expertise however because of several variable factors on the far side our management, we have a tendency to don't guarantee the leads to formulations adopted by users. Users area unit enlightened that they must measure in their formulations as per their demand. we have a tendency to suggest testing each batch before use.