Lauryl Glucoside 30%

Lauryl Glucoside (30%) 110615-47-9

Lauryl Glucoside is widely used for bottle laundry, glass cleaners, attention merchandise, shampoo, soap skin cream, detergents, metal cleaners, lotions, strippers etc. CAS No. 110615-47-9. Remembering the requirements of the worldwide environmental modification and ecological impact of the surface-active agent like SLS and SLES, we've got created shivsurf 282M Shivasurf 282M is new age harmless to the scheme surface-active agent that depends on radical polyglucoside.

Chemical Description : alkyl Poly glucoside (C12-C16 fatty alcohol glucosidal)



Appearance Light yellow coloured
Total solids : 28 % +2 %
pH : 8 ~ 9
Viscosity: 100 ~ 1000 m/s
Ash: 2% Fatty Alcohol: 0.8%
Benefits Rapidly perishable
Good detergence & wetting properties
Produces a moderate to high stable foam
Mild, Non-irritating to skin
Application : It is wide used for bottle cleaning, glass cleaners, personal care products, soap skin cream, shampoo, lotions, strippers, detergents, metal cleaners, etc
Packing : 210 Kilogram HDPE Drums
Plant: Savli, Vadodara District, Gujarat India.
Export: Gulf, UK, USA, African Countries

Lauryl Glucoside (50%)

Lauryl Glucoside 50%

CAS No.110615-47-9


Appearance.: : Light yellow colored
Water content: 48 Percent
Total solids: 50 Percent+2 Percent
pH: 11 ~ 13
Viscosity: 1.000 ~ 3.000 m/s
Ash :2 Percent Fatty Alcohol: 0.8 Percent
Benefits Rapidly Biodegradable

Good detergency & wetting properties

Produces a moderate to highly stable foam

Mild, Non - irritating to skins

Packing: 210Kgs HDPE Drums