Ortho Phenylphenol

Ortho Phenylphenol (orthophenyl phenol) 2-hydroxybiphenyl
Synonyms : 2-phenylphenol,o-phenylphenol biphenylol,
2-hydroxybiphenyl, orthophenyl phenol,o-xenol, orthoxenol
Molecular formula : C12H10O
Molar mass : 170.21 g/mol
Density : 1.293 g/cm3
Melting point : 55.5°c - 57.5°c
Boiling point : 280°c -284°c
Assay : 98 % min
Packing : 25 kg Fiber Bag
OPP User
Adhesives & Glues Biocide
Construction Material & Concrete additives Cosmetics
Carrier / Printing Thickener Dyes
Flame Retardants Fungicidal treatments in construction material
Textile Auxiliaries Treatment of Bitumen Isolation coverings
Plastic additives such as heat stabilizers Preservation for Whole Citrus Fruits
Rubber chemicals Wood Preservatives

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