Monoethylene Glycol

Monoethylene Glycol (99%) Clear colourless
Appearence of MEG : Clear colourless
Sp. Gravity : 1.15
Contents : 99 % Glycol
MEG – 91 %
DEG- 08 %
Moisture(by KF) : 0.24
Packing : 230Kg HDPE Drum
Plant : Savli, Vadodara District, Gujarat India.
Export : Gulf, UK, USA, African Countries
User of Monoethylene Glycol
Automotive antifreeze & coolants Heat Transfer fluids
Water based formulations (Adhesives, Latex paints, Asphalt emulsions). Alkyd – type gums (resins) (Synthetic adhesives)
Resin esters as plasticizers ( Adhesives, lacquers & enamels) Humectants in Textile Fibers, Paper, Leather, Adhesives, Glue)
Ceramic Industries Construction Industries
Coolant Manufacturing

Shiv Shakti india is Manufacturers and Suppliers of Monoethylene Glycol