Castor oil Ethoxylate

Castor oil Ethoxylate

We can supply  castor oil ethoxylate ranging from 2 to 80 moles as required by customers with different HLB and in-house specifications.

Castor Oil Ethoxylate – 5, 16, 20, 32, 36, 40, 80,  EO Moles

Application of Castor Oil Ethoxylate :

Castor oil ethoxylate are used as emulsifiers, solubilizers, dispersants and lubricants for drilling muds, cleaning, textiles and tanning, (for example softeners, antistatic oils, fiber lubes and dyeing aids,) in colorants, (for emulsification of pigment dispersions, universal tints and colorants,) and in metalworking formulations, (for example soluble cutting oils and tube and wiredrawing lubes.)

Castor Oil Ethoxylate also used for the preparation of vitamins, insecticides, pesticides and fragrances in water and in cosmetic products, (for example lotions, creams, shaving foams and shampoos.)

Company Profile

Shiv Shakti Group is a Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter came into being with its flagship company Shiv Shakti Trading Corporation in the year 1999 with the aim of catering the disinfectant industry. Two young entrepreneurs with the dreams and Ambitions, created SHIV SHAKTI in the year 1999. Their vision was to recognize industry needs and provide right mix of products with quality and service. This single minded focus made SHIV SHAKTI the leading manufacturers' representative for Phenolic products in the country. Today SHIV SHAKTI is the first choice not only for Phenolic products but also for Biocides, Glycols and other chemicals by taking up the challenges of designing Better Chemicals for the diverse industrial segments for a Better Tomorrow. Starting with Phenolic products, today SHIV SHAKTI has expanded their horizons to supplying Biocides and Preservatives for Auxiliary Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Disinfectant Chemicals, Leather Chemicals, Poultry Chemicals and Water Treatment Chemicals. SHIV SHAKTI has quietly and confidently started spreading its reach towards global companies in UK, USA, Gulf, African countries and more. The Guarantee of Quality: Our Facility has been granted ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certification by UL DQS Inc. SHIV SHAKTI, as a team, is committed to continuous improvement and always strives to provide quality material with on time delivery. This has kept us in the good books of our clients. Our satisfaction lies within your Qualitative Growth. Castor oil ethoxylate are used as emulsifier, textile and tanning, solubilizer, dispersant and lubricant for drilling mud, cleaning. Castor oil ethoxylate has wide application in preparation of vitamin, insecticide, pesticide and fragrance in water and in cosmetic product.

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