Trichloroethylene (TCE) Mixture of higher chlorinated liquid
Appearance : Clear liquid
Odor : Sweet smelling like chloroform
Contents : Mixture of upper chlorinated liquid
Density : 1.35 ~ 1.40
Solubility : Excellent Solubility
Boiling points : 60 °c ~ 85 °c
Stability : Easily recycled extremely stable in presence
of common chemical stabilizer
Packing : 280 Kg weight HDPE Drum
Plant : Savli, Vadodara District, Gujarat India.
Export : Gulf, UK, USA, African Countries
User of TCE
Adhesive solvents Dry cleanup
Solvent for fat Oil waxes
Paint removers Part cleanup
Resin &rubber trade

Shiv Shakti India is Manufacturer and Suppliers of Trichloroethylene