Crude Glycerol - Crude Glycerine

Crude Glycerol (CG) Brown to Black viscous liquid
Appearance of Glycerol ML : Brown to Black viscous liquid
pH : 4 – 6
Specific Gravity : 1.22 – 1.28
Glycerine : 80% – 85%
Fatty acid salt : 20% – 25%
Water : 15 – 20%
Packing : 250 Kg HDPE Drum
Ceramic Industries Construction Industries
Coolant Manufacturing Leather Industries
Textile Industries

This is a bye-product derived while manufacturing bio-diesel which has huge percentage of impurity that is known to inhibit direct use by industry. It can be used as an alternative as energy Supplements sources for cattle feeds. Appearance of the product is Brown to Black viscous liquid which is used in Ceramic Industry, Construction Industry, Leather Industry, also used coolant industries. At low focus unrefined glycerol is utilized as a potential fixing hotspot for the creation of grill feeds, pig feeds. In grill counts calories, expanding the admission level of rough glycerol expanded feed change proportion however didn't influence development execution and supplement absorbability.

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