High Boiling Tar Acid

High Boiling Tar Acid (HBTA) Amber to reddish liquid
Appearance : Amber to reddish liquid
Specific gravity : 1.05-1.08 0.96-1.06
Boiling range
195°c-205°c : 5%
205°c-230°c : 90% 5%
230°c-250°c : 98% 70%
250°c -270°c : 88%
270°c-300°c : 98%
Packing : 220kg MS Drum
Plant : Savli, Vadodara District, Gujarat India.
Export : Gulf, UK, USA, African Countries
Antiseptics &Disinfectants Deodorizing / odor-enhancer
Fragrances Resins (phenol-formaldehyde, phenolic, epoxy) and their additives
Rubber and plastic antioxidants Dyes and pigments, degreasers
Household cleaners and automotive High Grade Lubricating oils, gasoline additives
Adhesives, fiber and wood preservatives