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Black Phenyle

Manufacturing process: (HOT PROCESS)

Before you begin please note:

  1. RWC booster is skin corrosive; be cautious while handling.
  2. All vessels you are using must be clean, for RWC booster use a specific vessel.
  3. Use cleaned vessel for manufacturing.
Raw  Material   Quantity
(% of total volume of the concentrate)
Soap Solution Rosin – 10% 20%
Castor Oil – 90%  
Caustic Soda Solution -1-2%  
Light Creosote Oil   13%
RWC booster   2.5%
Water   64.5%
  • Make caustic soda solution and add to above mixture
  • Make caustic soda solution and add to above mixture
  • After addition of caustic solution heat the mixture till it becomes like soap.
  • Take the sample on paper and it should not leave any oily stain on it, or else continue heating.
  • Stop heating and add LCO and RWC Booster.
  • Then add water and stir it properly.
  •  Fill the bottles.
Information given above is based on our general experience but due to many variable factors beyond our control, we do not guarantee the results in formulations adopted by users. Users are informed that they should evaluate in their formulations as per their requirement. We recommend testing every batch before use.